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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 24, 2015 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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have disrupted promotion today of his new movie "pan". >> i ride my bike a lot of the time. i manage to get around. you no he what? i know it's sort of annoying to people, i think it's worth it. i think he's an amazing man. >> gloria estefan performs tomorrow night. >> i have to put in my resume. i warmed up the crowd. nervous, of course. if you don't get nervous before getting up in front of a lot of ople much more so when the pope iinvoed, then something's wrong with you. you're not human. ♪ >> gloria will sing a devotional ballad in spanish. it means be honest. ♪ >> this morning they joined forces with shawn paul performing a concert for eironmental change o national mall. >> i want to do my part. >> that concert happened while the pope addresse congress and
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this moment had viewers talking. house speaker john boehner cried during the pope's speech. boehner is known to get emotional and he tweeted, of course, everyone knows it doesn't take an act of god. and cbs sports prepped for the pope. thursday night football airing just hours after the pontiff arrived in new york city. >> we really had to think about what was happening, not only with the pope being in new york city but the u.n. general assembly as well. we really placed most of our people out in new jersey trying to stay away from manhattan and did as much as we can. >> keepaiti to get an e-mail from him asking for credentials like everybodelse. he hasn't. i think he's probably pretty busy. >> next, protecting the pope. >> this is the largest security event ever in the history of the united states. >> it's a massive effort with extra officers and miles of barricades. everybody, except the pope, is worried about the security. he's actually said that if it is god's time to call me home, then that's okay. >> on saturday, the pope leaves new york where mark
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wahlberg hosts him at the festival of families. >> i believe in god and i don't iver from that. >> he credits a parish priest helping him turning his life around. >> people say god will not give you more than can you handle. but sometimes i feel the pressure. >> marky mark y mark with the faith. >> all the roadblocks make it tough to get around manhattan. that's not what got in kerry washington's way. police pulled away a woman who ambushed kerry this morng outside the gma studio. but the star wasn't phased one bit and gave a hot shot in that sexy little red dress as she lefd. a lesson from brooklyn watching j-lo on the new cop drama, don't make her wait. look at her waiting, it totally over e waiting, still waiting to get this moment. and there. back in in manhattan, sophia vergara d her fiance were
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doing some wedding errands. they stopped at the ron bellies is cake shop in midtown where the elaborate cakes start at $1500 a pop. just uptown, ivanka trump gave a cute overload with this pregnancy announcement. >> baby, two baby three. >> are you hay? yeah? >> you happy? >> no. >> no? >> 2month-old joseph some time. i'm sure there negotiate an excellent deal in the west village, welcome back to new york. >> the self proclaimed ld was spotted at bar city the same day he tried to shut down haters. and we just can't with what this paparazzictually asked said lord. >> how it is like to have the lord and the pope in your city at the same time? >> we heard crazy pall rotsy
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questions over the years. but seriously, that actually just happened. >> can we move on from the cult of dissing to the cult of april snl have you seen that new apple ad with kerry and mary jay? >> i have. >>eeping with the apple theme, the long awaited steve jobs flick hits theaters october 9th. i got a sneak peek. michael fastbde and holy dialogue. here's your first look at the making of "steve jobs the movie." >> ladies and gentlemen, steve >> and action! >> steve, computers aren't paintings. >> yes, they are. >> that's the way we live our lives. it's like henry ford multiplied by 1,000. >> we needed to say hello. >> you're nohearing me. >> fix it. >> michael fastbender's tasked with playing the genius pioneer who we all remember from those iconic product rollouts like this in 2007. >> we're going to make history together today. >> go anyw everybody is on their phones. >> what we never saw is the drama preceding the presentations.
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that's the story steve jobs tells. >> oscar winner who created "the west wing" and "the newsroom" wrote the dialogue. >> it is overpriced. >> there is no evidence. >> steve himself was very brilliant and very hard on people not just employees but his own family. >> when your a father, that's what's supposed to be the best part of you. >> be it or not that's kate winslet. s had to convince danny boil she could pull it off. honey, this will get me a win. >> going toe to toe with jobs is jeff daniels as former apple ceo. >> youan't put a hammer to a nail. what do you do? >> i play the orchestra. >> seth rogen played him in the
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movie. michael fastbender could get a nomination. he's that good. originally aar sorken wanted tom cruise to play jobs. empire got epic ratings last night and $0.50 was watching very closely. >> maybe too closely. >> why he fireback at cookie. >> i can't believe cookie would say something like that about me. >> then gotham's ben mckenzie has a baby on the way with his co-star. how the news leaked in cot. plus, jessica alba on her company's controversy. it's all on the way. >> but fist, it's thursday night football on cbs with the redskins taking on the giants who have some famous fierce female fans. >> i spoke with the gia second week, wee pl against thursday. >> the giants are true fans stay >> giving up on the giants is not an option. >> no. not divorcing the giants.
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>> actresses rooney and kate mara grew up with the team. their grandfather co-owned the giants. >> they do live and die with the giants. >> former giants and football analyst phil sims says tonigh look for offense. >> it's o'dell beckham jr. and eli manning. this he have to keep connect until victor cruz comes back. >> the cbs production team will broadcast super bowl 50. >> thursday nht football, i call it super bowl in a box. it's a big show. we travel some 12 to 13 trucks, 400 people. >> every week we're getting ready to do a supe sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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> 16 million people tuned into the season premier of empire. it was the most watched program of the night. all ac country, people gathered for viewing parties. but there was one party in particular that caught attention. that's where we saw tonight's quick hit. >> i love your drag, mimi.
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>> guest star was at the night's bash. empire c creator, whoopi goldberg there was plenty to celebrate. >> what you put on the ground? >> $0.50 was w that one. he got even. >> can't believe cookie said that about me. me? come stupid? >> and me and cookie go way back. you know i hate that. >> moving on. gotham star ben mckenzie is going to be a dad and the c star is his co-star. >> you're going to kiss me on the cheek for more dinner. >> come on. >> the two were spotted together backstage at the emmys. she'lhave to go o the record about the relationship and pregnancy in court today. she is seeking full custody of her young son from her estranged husband.
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she is at the end of her trimester. finally, amy schumer's book mahave a title. it's one she told us about first. >> i like the fact you remeered to smoky high. >> what do you want? >> this is the reason wait before getting inked. the tribal trend has been dead for a decade. reportedly paying $9 million for the ri the title isn't 100% confirmed. but the book is due in 2016. amy is posing for the world famous calendar. the 201 edition will celebrate women achievement yokoono are also a part of it. on tway, have you seen jessica alba's beauty roine? it really is something to behold. >> what's this all about? we're with the trainers who get these stars shredded and they have tips for all of us regular folk. >> i had to work out to to like compete with
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>> trim the leg and abs. that's ahead. closed captioning provided by -- my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman
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th is claire danes getting her walk of fame this morning. she won three emmys. two of those for homelands which returns october 4th. >> meanwhile, actress turned ceo jessica alba is having a controversy. >> jessica is battling two lawsuits which claim her products don't deliver as advertised. she told michelle turner she stands behind the big business she created. >> you have spoken so pasonately and stood up for your brand like nobody's business. in the face some of adversity. what kind of keeps you going to do that? >> i meani just love the honest company and i love that people love our brand so much.
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they bring it into their home every day. and they spread the love. >> but one of the lawsuits claims that her company's sunscreen didn't work an photographs of bad sun burns are included in the document. being a businesswoman, she gave us the company line of believing in wt she sells. >> at the end of the day, you feel like the controversy will just go away because the products and the brand will n out? >> i mean this is the mo amazing thing in the last three years to see me have this idea and starting to turn it into such an incredible brand. i'm really proud of it. >> jessica shows how to use the product on her instagram. what is this? >> it's a mask and tend of the facial, she puts it . >> what is your beauty routine? >> i only have ten minutes to get ready in the morning. especially with kids and work. i wanted this to feel like bohemian but chic and, you know, that elevated california experience. >> representative of you. >> the pop-up store opens at th
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groven l.a. tomorrow. at age 34, she runs a bil doar company as a wife to cash warren and mother to their tw daughters and actress and advocate for gls to sty business inchool >> girls are so creative. it really is a forum for people to be creative and to have a business idea. you can create it from beginning to end. >> and jessica certainly looks good taking care of business. i have a couple secrets. she said she actually wa at 5:15 a couple ds a week to do hot yoga ev though she doesn't like working out. >> i think we canate to that workout battle. some of us. >> i love it. >> the insanely fit cameron masterson joins us now. he found out how the most famous people beat the workout blues and get into that incredible shap >> all the stars have somet i do not have, two words, personal trainer. look, getting fit like this does not come easy. but we hit the gym with the guys that know how to get the results.
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>> my fitness regimen is like anyone. i work out like a dude. just with the lighter weights. >> my favorite workout is the sport. i play tennis. i swim and rf. my least favorite is doing squats. >> obviously, we live in a world that is obsessed with bodies and especially in my industry. working out is something that i need to do for my happiness. >> it's all about the abs. the guns, and the booty. the first step in our how to, going inside the gym with blake lively's trainer, the guy w dubbed the cellulite doctor. >> i can say she does not have cellulite. she is like any other woman that loves to train the legs and abs and wants strong arms and shoulders. so that is something we normally incorporate into a full bod workout. >> yeah, blake gets her sw with drive 495 owner. he told us doing splits squats and butt bridges like these is what gives blake these. >> we go in there and have a
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good time. you know she mi be trying to shove her finger up my nose. you know, we keep it really light. we have a great time. >> he has clients like scar jones and hugh jackman. the biggest workout secret is one i can get behind. >> i had a guy go away. he had 90 minutes of sleep a night. he added to his evening and he lost nine pounds. in two weeks. >> there's o many punishing diets you can do befo your will power gives out. i think finding that balanc >> if i want to eat terribly one day. that's fine. put in the extra can squats and eat healthy. >> another celebrity secret weapon to looking amazing is this crazy intense thing. it is called the versa climber. they do it 30 nutes a day wi rise nation.
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jason walsh. >> are you training for the borne movie? >> yeah. that's what we're training for now. he trained me for a movie a couple years ago. behind the candelabra. whatever it takes. >> i had to be in good shape. >> he pushes me as hard as i can go. >> jason is truly the best trainer. he trained me for "edge of tom you just become this kick ass person you never thought you would be. it's so cool. >> hillary got her revenge body doing the workout and another perk, rumors she and her hot trainer are now dating. >> you really not cute when you leave. but it's a great thing you're sweating so much. i feel like it's really changed my body. >> a lot can be done in 30 minutes. i wt to deliver the best workout i can for people that don't have a lot of time. >> strong is beautiful now. >> nohere's something else the trainers will tell you, you may not want to hr it. you just can't get ripped without watching that diet. leanhealthy fats and watch the starchy carbohydrates. as tough as it is. >> the hamburgers and pizza i t -- >> you n't eat brea
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>> no, it's not goingnywhere. >> >> this sunday is going to be a sad one for millions of fans of csi. the show is coming to an end. tomorrow we have secrets from the fal farewell. >> mark helgenberger joins us to say good-bye to "csi," the cast then and now. >> i always had a good feeling about the show. >> that was an unfortunate hairstyle. >> and monday, scott bayo's wife battling brain tumor >> i had a massive brain trauma. >> she survived nonhodgkins and now she has this thing in her head. >> monday on "e.t.." >> wow. >> well, right now in our entertainment tonight birthdays, whiccomedian did not cast her real life actor husband to play her on screen husband in her first film? well, was it mia borgales,amy schumer or tina fey? outpouring of support for local
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teen boy in a coma tonight. being hit blackheart outside his high-school. a deputy shortage in the east bay forcing 18 hour days for some law-enforcement deputies threatening to address the really affect the emergency response times
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7:58 pm, your destination for news on your favorite celebs. we are back with the answer to tonight's "e.t." question. which comedian did not -- in her first film? >> i get it. that is the honest mia talking about "my big fat greek
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wedding." she turns 53 today. >> so i'm surfing on the web and i see on the making of my favorite emmy gown. what a process. >> it was a process. it was a lot offun. i was designing clothes for m new line and i thought i've never designed my emmy gown. so we did it from sketch to finish. >> it looked fantastic. >> take a look. bye, everybody. >> the process from sketch to dress was probably about months. this is the next step after the sketches. it's called a mock-up dress. they take cheap material and put it toge then my modern design was created using double wool fabric, and on the train. the one design i had to have, it had to be some drama somewhere. i was looking for either a long, long
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>> pam: his friends respond. cash costs county residents report low response times to police calls. only on for disturbing drop of sure of deputies. >> pam: victims in lake county get firsthand look at their former home. mother forced to listen to insults' while she waits in line for coffee what she did to the ball is behind her gone viral. >> pam: now at 8:00 sulphate students struggling to cope after one of their own is had by car.


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